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About Absoulute Wellness


"Providing unique, specialised learning experiences, and employing tested tools and techniques that genuinely inspire and motivate clients to make meaningful life change to be the best version of themselves".

Andrea James
Wellbeing & People Development
Trainer | Facilitator | Coach | Learning Designer

GradDipEd, Dip.Med.Hol.Couns (IMTTA), Cert IV TAE, Cert IV OHS

Why Absoulute Wellness?

Andrea is a qualified and experienced trainer and facilitator, passionately committed to guiding individuals and organizations toward their optimal potential.. With a background in work across numerous industries including 15+ years in training design and delivery, coupled with a wealth of experience in both corporate and government sectors across Australia and internationally, she brings a unique perspective to the professional development industry.

​The inception of Absoulute Wellness underscores Andrea's core mission — fostering awareness and aiding individuals and organizations in embarking on a journey toward healthier, more sustainable human development. Through meticulously crafted learning experiences, Absoulute Wellness aims to instill transformative insights, inspire personal growth, and pave the way for enhanced life outcomes.

Learning themes include:

  • Elevating Communication Styles and Behaviors

  • Cultivating Leadership Skills for Enhanced Wellbeing

  • Fostering a Healthier Workplace Culture

  • Nurturing Emotional Intelligence and Capital

  • Attaining a Balanced and Healthier Life

  • Cultivating a Resilient Mindset for Well-being

  • Establishing Trust at Optimal Levels within Organizations

  • Insight into the Stress and Relaxation Response Systems

  • Recognizing and Embracing Core Values and Drivers

  • Understanding Habit Formation to Create Healthier Habits

  • Enhancing Hybrid and Remote Team Work Performance

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