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(Virtual or In-person)

Tailored Coaching Sessions


Andrea is a qualified Holistic Counsellor providing assistance in specific areas including anxiety, depression, stress management, loneliness, grief, self-esteem issues, and mental fatigue. 


She also works with clients to provide guidance and coaching for improving overall wellbeing levels, building resilience, creating confidence, improving relationships, setting and achieving goals, and enhancing mindset.

Sessions are designed to help individuals or small groups to gain valuable personal insights and to encourage self-assessment to identify their desired outcomes . The outcome is a specific plan comprising tangible tools and techniques designed to empower and to create healthy, real change.

Individual - 60 minutes

Small groups - 90-120 minutes

"Going through the process of changing my career path was overwhelming. After several sessions with Andrea, she has provided excellent guidance to help me pin-point my true passions and to help shape a new direction. I'm feeling inspired and excited about this new phase I'm entering. Andrea has provided insights into areas I hadn't explored."     
Sallie, Australia

Life in Balance 

This is my signature wellbeing session. In it, the Life Balance Wheel is introduced, a concept designed to help examine the major areas of an individual's life and measure where one or more areas may be needing attention in order to create a greater sense of balance and success. Using a set of tested holistic tools and techniiques, these sessions are designed to help restore a sense of equilibrium and alignment.

"Andrea was able to help me focus my thoughts and to work on some negative influences and limiting beliefs in my life that I wasn't really aware I had. The 'forgiveness' session and the process of letting go of past wounds, I found particularly powerful. I would recommend her sessions to anyone looking to do the same."

Helena, UAE

Creating Healthy Habits


Habits are those regular activities and ways of doing things routinely, sometimes without even being conscious of it. Not all habits serve us well, and if done consciously, healthy change can be made. This session is designed to take an inventory of one's habits and to pin-point those that could be changed, and also to consider creating new habits using the tools specifically designed.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs


Self-limiting beliefs are a set of assumptions or perceptions that an individual develops over time, and the lens through which they view the world.  Beliefs become self-limiting if they hold one back from achieving one's true capability. These sessions are designed to discover limiting beliefs, and to then apply tools and techniques designed to address beliefs and develop healthier belief systems.

“I went through a difficult phase in life for many months and wanted to try a holistic way to find healing. After several sessions with Andrea, I started sleeping better and feeling happier, healthier and more positive through a series af activities and tools she gave me. I felt that I had a plan to move forward again.

I'm thankful to Andrea and can highly recommend her.”

Rebecca, UK

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