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Breakfast Club - Part 2 🌞: Brainwave States

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

In the waking hours of the morning, our brain needs to go through a normal, healthy transition of brainwave stages. Digital disturbances upon waking can be negatively impacting this important and necessary process.

The morning alarm goes off, you roll over to switch it off and start scrolling through messages and emails on your mobile phone....

This is a fairly typical start to a morning for most. Mornings are an important time of transition phases for our brainwaves (see image). From deep sleep to the waking hours, our brain goes through an important natural process in oscillations that mobile phone use first thing in the morning is proving to have an unhealthy impact.

From Delta to Theta, mobile phone use upon waking is impacting the Alpha stage, and putting us into a stressed state (checking our phone notifications for work and personal messages, social media, news, etc.).

For a healthier morning routine, create a habit of not checking your mobile messages for (at least) the first 30 minutes of the day...1 hour is even better! Instead, allow yourself to enjoy a calm, relaxing, energizing start to the day, without letting the stresses of the day start eating into this time through digital disturbances . It's your time - use it well 🌞

Stay positive. Stay healthy 😊 💚

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