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Leadership and Wellbeing: Is There A Relationship?

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

What does leadership have to do with workplace wellbeing?

There is a link between leadership and the level of wellbeing among employees.

As a manager, you have an out-sized impact on how people ‘feel’ within the workplace, and that has an ultimate effect on wellbeing levels over time.

Never underestimate your influence on the wellbeing of those in your charge. Your principles, style/s of communication and leadership, and every touchpoint you have creates a wellbeing effect – positive or negative.

It is imperative to know your people and what is important to them on a holistic level and also being mindful of how they respond to you. You can create a work environment that ‘feels good’ to be in through the way in which you lead. In doing so, watch all the good stuff like creativity, engagement, productivity, followership, satisfaction, and retention levels climb.

Put workplace stress and burnout out of business and be the kind of leader that promotes the wellbeing of your employees.

Stay positive. Stay healthy.

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