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Breakfast Club - Part 1 🌞: Do You Have a Morning Routine?

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

What do your mornings look like? A relaxed, enjoyable part of your day, or a clouded stressed-out time organising yourself for the day ahead?

How are your mornings? A relaxing part of the day, with enjoyable rituals and healthy habits, setting yourself up in a positive way to get the most our of your day?

Or is is more a rushed, anxious time, where you launch your mind into the stresses of the day without even having commenced work as yet?

From a wellbeing perspective, mornings are a very important time which can set the tone for the day - positive or negative.

So, what do your mornings look like? And how could they look better with some conscious habit changes?

Follow me over the next few weeks as I share key wellbeing tips to make your mornings something special.

Stay positive. Stay healthy 😊💚

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