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The Breakfast Club🌞 - Part 3: Healthy Habits and Rituals

Good morning, wherever you are! My mornings were once a bit of a stressed, haphazard event that I didn't look forward to. I've come to understand the importance of healthy routine and rituals in the morning, and how they set the stage for the day ahead.

Humans are hard-wired for reward and certainty, so I allow for both with a morning routine I positively anticipate each day. And I know my body is getting a nice dose of dopamine in the process.

My day starts with the habit of daily gratitude and setting intention (I'll cover these in the next part), before rising and making my bed and starting my morning exercise routine. I then move onto the experience of enjoying a (cool) shower before the anticipated ritual of making breakfast, which for me is a power smoothie. I head outside to the garden, and simply sit and savour my smoothie, tuning into the birds, watching and listening to the fountain, and taking in the fresh garden smells. It's very zen - for those of you not into meditation, it's that simple.

It's all about creating your own healthy, energising, enjoyable routine of 'you time', to set yourself up in the most positive way for the a day ahead. What are your habits and rituals?

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