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The Breakfast Club 🌞 - Part 5: Minimize Mainstream Media

Good morning wherever you are! One of the biggest successes I’ve found with my morning routine is the practice of ‘tuning out and tuning in”.

Mornings are my power time to create and cultivate, not to muddy the waters of the mind with stress and concern.

So, I tune out to media headlines. I don’t wish to start my days from a place of uncertainty and fear that negative headlines can influence.

Negative headlines and news can affect our mood, and subsequently our thinking and behaviour:

I stopped actively watching TV news over 10 years ago. As a result, I feel more positive and confident going into each day. I’m not ignorant, to the contrary, I read but I’m selective in my sources, and I wait until later in the day. I see little point in tuning in to negative headlines first thing in the morning - I'd rather focus on my Circle of Control:

Enjoy your mornings, and start your day out in a positive mindset. Get your headlines during the day if it's important to you, but don't let negative news spoil and otherwise healthy, upbeat morning routine.

Stay positive. Stay healthy 😊💚

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