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The Breakfast Club 🌞 - Part 7: Take Your Morning Routine With You

Good morning, wherever you are.

Now that you've developed a solid morning routine that puts you in a great frame of mind, don't let that change or disappear just because you're headed off for the day. Take it with you!

You have a unique ripple effect on the people around you, and the upbeat energy you bring with you has a direct impact on those you come in contact with. Make every touch-point count, as it makes a difference.

When we observe someone happy, upbeat, and smiling it activates special neurons in our brain called 'mirror neurons,' and encourages us to perform similar actions to what we see. That is, our outward display literally rubs off onto others and has a powerful effect in evoking similar behaviour in those around us, thus collectively lifting the atmosphere . It's a good way.

Whilst 2020 has certainly brought with it some unique challenges, and many of us are finding ourselves in un-chartered waters, so it's vital to give ourselves the best possible start to each day through healthy routines and rituals. And maybe by bringing the best version of ourselves into daily life we can start a Positive Pandemic. That's definitely something okay to be exposed to.

Stay positive. Stay healthy 😊💚

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