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Your Health - First Line of Defence

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

In these current times, looking after your health is a priority. Keeping a strong immune system is your first line of defence in protecting yourself.

Your best line of health defence? Building a strong immune system (along with continuing advised precautions).

The WHO and other health experts are warning that the Coronavirus may never go away, and simply become another illness, like the seasonal flu -

This news should come as no surprise, so it's about moving forward with life, safely and intelligently.

With that in mind, take action on your personal wellbeing:

- sleep well (quality 7-8 hrs)

- eat well (a balanced, healthy diet)

- exercise regularly

- laugh (a lot)

- appreciate all you have and those you love (the power of gratitude)

- keep your stress at healthy levels

- develop yourself (mentally, emotionally, spiritually)

- be kind, generous, and gentle (with self and others)

- have hobby, social, creative, and other healthy outlets

- monitor your finances

You know all this put it into practice.

Stay positive. Stay healthy.

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