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Corporate Wellness

Absoulute Wellness offers a range of specialised workplace wellbeing services. For further information on any of the services listed, please contact Absoulute.

Wellbeing Program Development

An intelligent and practical approach to workplace wellbeing can have positive effects on employee wellbeing levels and an impact on creating a healthier organisational culture. Absoulute Wellness can assist with  wellbeing calendar development, better health campaign development (e.g quit smoking, better nutrition, mental health awareness, physical fitness), and other wellbeing initiatives.

Employee Wellbeing Surveys

A customised, fully confidential employee survey is a great way for organisations to understand how their employees feel about their workplace and provide a type of measure for how an organsiation is performing in the provision of employee wellness. Surveys also form the basis for understanding training needs and meaningful wellbeing program development and implementation.

Wellbeing Focus Groups

Confidential employee wellbeing focus groups can provide an excellent gauge for the mood or 'pulse' among employees on how they view their wellbeing in the workplace. Together with surveys, focus groups enable a platform to drill down into specific employee concerns, and provide valuable insights for an organisation for ways to address or improve levels in employee wellbeing.

Wellbeing Retreats

Retreats are a great way to get employees out of a regular workplace environment and to be submersed into another world of relaxation and indulgence Specifically, retreats enable employees to unplug from work and focus on connecting with self and others, and clear a mental path for learning more about welllbeing and the benefits to personal and corporate life.

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